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La Kali Bliss massage 

Located in Brussels, La Kali Bliss is a sanctuary of relaxation and well-being specializing in tantric massage, just two minutes from Place St Job. We offer a whole range of tantric and erotic massages and massage services. high level.

Our salon is based on the belief that our clients are of the utmost importance, your person and your privacy are fully respected and therefore maximum discretion is assured.

We are committed to offering you the best of our know-how and our experience.

We remain at your entire disposal and at your disposal.

In a refined and comfortable atmosphere, we have created for you a space inspired by oriental traditions and rites, reflecting tranquility, charm and sensuality.

Let yourself be guided by the delicious fragrance, stimulated by the harmonious intimacy of our center, and abandon yourself to your senses, to relaxation with our soft and delicate masseuses.

Treat yourself to a moment out of the world at La Kali Bliss. Our tantric massages help the body to relax, allow it to renew its energy. This one circulates better and is diffused in all the organization, offering you a general well-being, making disappear the points of tension. A deep relaxation is obtained thanks to our fairy hands that you will tenderly massage all the part of your body with hot oils... then you will feel the pleasure invading you with an even more sensual body-body...slowly you will feel desire rise.

In the end, the massage of your erogenous zones will be more and more precise and frequent. The manual "finish" will be a natural extension of the massage: an exquisite caress punctuated by a slow, voluptuous rise to orgasm.

This is the secret of happiness.

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